Monday, February 25, 2013

What is your gender?
I’m a Ghost In Real Life (Girl)

How old are you?
I’m 666 years young.

Where do you come From?

What type of music do you prefer?
Spirituals and soul music.

What did have in your rock collection?

Where do you get your education ?
High sghoul

What's your favorite fruit?

What’s your favorite dessert?
Ice Scream

What’s your favorite country
Ghosta Rica

Where do you usually go during the day?
Dayscare centers

Where do you usually go for lunch?
Pizza Haunt

What do you usually eat for dinner?

What is your favorite party game?

Where do you buy your food?
At the ghost-ery store.

What kind of makeup you usually wear?
A Mas-scare-a.

What is your favourite day of the week ?

What are your favourite songs?

Composer Meet Corpse by Poison The Well

I Love The Dead by Alice Cooper

Pardon Me I've Got Someone To Kill by Johnny Paycheck